Friday, May 21, 2010

His Voice In a Whisper

There is hardly ever a complete silence in our soul. God is whispering to us well nigh incessantly. Whenever the sounds of the world die out in the soul, or sink low, then we hear these whisperings of God. He is always whispering to us, only we do not always hear because of the noise, hurry, and distraction which life causes as it rushes on.
–Frederick W. Faber

For me, this is a huge wake up call, because in my world, life is full of noise, hurry, and distraction. This is something I can’t seem to get away from. It is an ongoing, fast-paced, “not-gonna-stop-till-you-get-there” kind of thing. Do I blame my life’s busyness to the culture that surrounds me? I mean, it seems that everyone else is rushed as well…

This is what I desire: to slow down from the distracting noise of life, and actually breathe in the breath of our great Sustainer for once, hearing what He says.

This is reality: that there is not even enough space in between each of our breaths to let our ears be open to what our patient God is speaking to us.

So how do we find this balance of living in a hurried world, yet tentative and willing to listen to the Lord? Honestly, I’d say it really is something that every single day of our lives needs to keep in mind. Because let’s face it: today, it’s super easy to tune out the voice of God.

The word says draw near to God and He will draw near to you (James 4:8). The more we draw near to God, the less we feel the need to be satisfied by the pleasures of the worldly things around us. His loving pursuit is captivating to our soul’s yearn for satisfaction.

1. Get AWAY from the busy.
2. Tune OUT the voices of the world.
3. Draw NEAR to the Father’s whispering words.


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